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Much is not known about Boganathar. Boganathar is often referenced as a disciple of both Kalangi and Agastyar.
Kalangi is by nature Bogarnathar’s first guru and his second guru Agastyar.
Through working with Kalangi Bogarnathar learnt alchemistry. Bogarnathar became able to manifest gold from base metals and then developed higher siddhis.

Introduction To Siddhas

Copyright 2017-Dr. Andrew “Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn

Very rarely does one become immortal. An immortalist is never created to cause fear in others. An immortalist works with Shiva on missions that develop humanity.
Babaji has a mission to help create deathless or immortal beings.
Through working on developing immortality one always moves closer to liberation.
Babaji is willing to share the following with humanity.
Babaji will never die and will always remain able to live in this earth’s field as long as this field exists.
Babaji has others he calls disciples who also share this ability with.
Boganathar, Babaji’s first guru is immortal as well. Boganathar has some disciples who are immortal as well.
A true disciple is one who has become immortal. Of the following disciple that have become immortal, Babaji is Boganathar’s highest being.
Boganathar does not seek disciples. If someone is sincere and goes looking for discipleship-Boganathar often tries to teach the disciple ways they can become immortal.
Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn is a disciple of both Babaji and Boganathar’s guru Kalangi.
Kalangi is a disciple of Thirumoolar. Kalangi is ready to reveal his mission to the world.


Kalangi or Kalanginathar.
Deathless and able to move to other locations around this universe. Kalangi is fond of work and developing fame in others. Kalangi is not your typical siddha. He uses unorthodox methods to shape students so they can become more realized.
Kalangi does not take immortality lightly. He expresses gratitude to Shiva daily for the developments that has shaped him into a human being who does not die.
Kalangi decided long ago that his limitations in developing fame would not stop him from helping others become more famous-even more than Jesus if they could.
Babaji has learnt from Kalangi as has Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn.
Andrew or Sohamahos Greszczyszyn has learnt that preseverance and hard work never goes unoticed. Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn has himself adopted a less rigourous yoga practice and began working on releasing eManauls that will help Siddhas become more noticed in history.
There will be four Siddhas who will work with Dr. Andrew “Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn. The following are the four siddhas.
1. Boganathar
2. Kalanginathar
3. Babaji
4. Thirumoolar

Each has his own mission as an immortal. In part each have spent time teaching Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn and through working with him understand ways to teach those who are seeking immortality.