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Ending Sin…an important concept.

Escaping Sin
Copyright 2017- Dr. Andrew “Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn

What is wrong with murder?
Nothing less than the function of killing God.

What is wrong with gluttony?
Nothing less than hurting your image.

What is wrong with wrath?
Nothing less than losing your temper.

Desire is sin. Control desires and you will not sin.
Murder a desire to cause suffering.
Gluttony a desire to feel full.
Wrath a desire to end your frustration.

The way to decide if you are ready for higher evolution is the rationalization that you can be “modest” “calm” “peaceful” “resourceful”
Through these you will become wealthy, intelligent, successful, and beautiful.

I am!

I am You.
Copyright 2017-Dr. Andrew ‘Sohamahos’ Greszczyszyn

You are me.
I see you as you were.
You can realize me if you are.
But don’t wait.
Because then you will not know.

The way of realizing me is achieved through
Meditating on your thoughts.
Studying your habits.
Developing calmness.
Habituating non desire.
And refraining from lust.

But then it is not fun you say!
How much more fun is feeling the sun on your face for eternity.
How much more pleasure there is when you witness bliss unparalleled.

I am that.
There should be no questions asked.

Kali Realization

Through realizing Kali I learnt about Budhi Samadhi.

Higher than Soruba it is a process of opening 27th chakra.

Through it you develop four unique “gifts” which are reflective of your inner or higher self.

When I saw Shiva I noticed: 1) unstressed/which I now know he learnt as unfettered, 2) down to earth/not full of himself or with powers but not showing off 3) timely even ahead of time  4) Simple


Kali when I realized her: which happened today after opening the 26 and then 27th  chakra a process which also teaches though  who open this chakra a change in universal order so death does not occur through a way which becomes ” a meaningful way to end death for everyone on earth” which demonstrates that both you, a Divine Shakti (Kali in this case) and Brahma manifest something together.

Kali was 1)powerful gaze so you’d know it was her 2) Cloaked but had two siddhas (might  have been higher) that were in the  perimeter and would be unnoticed to others but appeared to be her “disciples” or entourage 3) was extremely Grounded and 4) very athletic.


Meditating on Kali

Copyright 2017-Dr. Andrew “Sohamahos” Greszczyszyn


All are real. Something I learnt today is she is beyond most peoples imagination.

Conscious of thoughts, when they are projected her way. Sounds easy but how does one truly contain that ability functionally?

Tantrica as she teaches males especially yogis how to sublimate sexual currents and build them into higher powers.

Yogini as we know she has an ability to effect great change. It has been depicted clearly through diagrams of long lengthed tongues.
Imagining powers can get you so far in thinking or even trying to express this Goddesses’ powers. Just thinking of this, makes me wonder at what Source is really like-a factor I can gladly convey to not understand in primary function, as I know even to appreciate this goddess is a stretch for most.

Understanding Why To Strive For Kundalini Release

Those not privy to understand the concept will be lost in confusion. The result has been illustrated for those questioning what kundalini provides through the eManual “What Does Kundalini Release Provide” found on AMAZON-likely on sometime later today.

One does not need this manual if you already have kundalini released,  but could act as a grounding to better understand your experience and the effect it has had on you.

The Frog In The Well Knows Not Of The Great Ocean!

I learnt this from one of my healing mentors Dr. John Amaro while studying Acupuncture.

What powerful words of wisdom.

How soon are we ready to pass judgement with our limited experience.

Our realty is made of preconceived ideas based on inputs from conditioning, environment and nature.

It is not until we change our paradigms do we get to experience something new.

In the future this idea will be encapsulated within a new website I’m putting together located at
Some basics ideas and teachings will be based on the Seven Methods of Liberation. A concept I learnt through Samadhi.
Even the concept of liberation is plagued with confusion. In Truth the idea of liberation or Moksha as eastern religions talk about is achievement of some final destination like heaven or a paradise.
But then what of immortality and Hindus concept of finishing the cycles of birth and death?

The frog who does not have experience of immortality only knows going to heaven and ending as spirit…the siddhas know there a dualistic nature to this universe suggesting the nature of both spiritual and physical liberation.

Watch this Blog closely for more details on timing of website release.