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A Psychological Limitation Of Enlightenment

A Psychological Limitation Of Enlightenment
Copyright 2017-Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn

Not what is enlightenment. The nature of enlightenment really translates into gaining clarity on a subject. What this post should do is help clarify the limitation to what enlightenment provides.

The Yogi or mental scientist using clearing technique like Neurolingusitic programming, Neuroemotional Technique or Emotional Freedom Technique, or even the alchemist taking correct substances is caught in a dilemma.

Here is the crutch. They become limited by the concepts internalized or realized because society has not progressed to understanding these principles who thinks these realizations are fabrics of delusion.

Often these mental scientist become classified as delusional or sometimes even Schizophrenic based on the ideas presented. Presently speaking today as law of attraction how the mind creates your surroundings.

Many yogis instead kept silent, remove themselves from society or even choose small groups of similar minded people to communicate new findings.

The following is the deference between schizophrenia and the idea of siddhis.

Schizophrenia is the changing of perception so that a hallucination external comes into the mind.

The nature of siddhis they talk about such as hearing voices or being telepathic are nothing more than a heightened acuity of the mind (NOTE: not senses which is psychosis). In this way the yogis by developing better acuity of the mind, one can differentiate between his thoughts and the thoughts of others (mind reading siddhi type of mental control), his thoughts and even animal thoughts (animal speaking siddhi) or channeling or telepathy siddhis which are others thoughts separated from his own.

Generally siddhis are a development which is growing within everyones’ mental control, and are not too special at all as eventually the likelihood is we’ll all evolve there eventually. There are siddhis which are observable to outside people that are not subjective such as Levitation, Becoming smaller or larger, lourdness or the achievement of a desire. These are considered the 8 major siddhis (not all listed here, more elsewhere in this blog forum or in books published by myself). Those siddhis that are subjective things like teleportation or bilocation (how do you know they did this in truth and you don’t know if they did it) are minor siddhis. The siddhis are not working of charlatans or even aspects of delusion by developments of mental control.

Again, the difference between psychosis and siddhis are sensory changes verse mental changes.

In this way one gets the perception of external stimuli changing function in psychosis and in siddhis the mind changes perception.

Note the senses are not the mind. So even a tree or burning bush could talk to you (just rationalize that somewhere in the cosmos or a different galaxy there is an alien that looks like the tree-this would be a description of minor siddhis, hearing a tree talk or communicating with spirits-yes even trees have consciousness, energy or spirit and a reason Shamans use some principles of healing) since it is subjective…but is not delusion or even psychosis.

A delusion would be an external stimuli generally of the five senses changing form to cause a hallucination, sight turning into smell or sound, or smell into taste or touch) these changes are psychosis and are true delusion or wrong misinterpretation-hallucination.

Generally Yoga can not cause these forms of psychosis and is safe.

Although the search mentally for siddhis can be stressful to learn, they are safe and do not cause schizophrenia or altered sensory acuity, just enhanced mental acuity.

Through this you can understand now that delusion is based on psychosis or schizophrenia and that siddhis- the evolution of the mind, principles etched in enlightenment not fictional stories taught by charlatans or delusive psychotic beings.