Kali Realization

Through realizing Kali I learnt about Budhi Samadhi.

Higher than Soruba it is a process of opening 27th chakra.

Through it you develop four unique “gifts” which are reflective of your inner or higher self.

When I saw Shiva I noticed: 1) unstressed/which I now know he learnt as unfettered, 2) down to earth/not full of himself or with powers but not showing off 3) timely even ahead of time  4) Simple


Kali when I realized her: which happened today after opening the 26 and then 27th  chakra a process which also teaches though  who open this chakra a change in universal order so death does not occur through a way which becomes ” a meaningful way to end death for everyone on earth” which demonstrates that both you, a Divine Shakti (Kali in this case) and Brahma manifest something together.

Kali was 1)powerful gaze so you’d know it was her 2) Cloaked but had two siddhas (might  have been higher) that were in the  perimeter and would be unnoticed to others but appeared to be her “disciples” or entourage 3) was extremely Grounded and 4) very athletic.


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