Soruba Samadhi Course


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This is a FREE description of the full AMAZON functional course. It teaches some of the concepts taught in the FULL Soruba Samadhi Part 1 Seminar on AMAZON.

Using that course and the donational Kriya Yoga Courses online here on this site can be a direct way to understand how to develop Soruba Samadhi.

The taught system have been learnt from Babaji and Kalanginathar my second guru, him learning it through discipleships right up to Shiva.

Treat it with respect. Do not alter or use for your own personal sale…This teaser is FREE and full course could be purchased on AMAZON by Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn. Donations for full course are accepted. A Good place to start is by making donations for the Kriya Yoga Courses (2) in theĀ  shop and beginning to study that yoga.


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