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The Frog In The Well Knows Not Of The Great Ocean!

I learnt this from one of my healing mentors Dr. John Amaro while studying Acupuncture.

What powerful words of wisdom.

How soon are we ready to pass judgement with our limited experience.

Our realty is made of preconceived ideas based on inputs from conditioning, environment and nature.

It is not until we change our paradigms do we get to experience something new.

In the future this idea will be encapsulated within a new website I’m putting together located at www.LiberationFactor.com
Some basics ideas and teachings will be based on the Seven Methods of Liberation. A concept I learnt through Samadhi.
Even the concept of liberation is plagued with confusion. In Truth the idea of liberation or Moksha as eastern religions talk about is achievement of some final destination like heaven or a paradise.
But then what of immortality and Hindus concept of finishing the cycles of birth and death?

The frog who does not have experience of immortality only knows going to heaven and ending as spirit…the siddhas know there a dualistic nature to this universe suggesting the nature of both spiritual and physical liberation.

Watch this Blog closely for more details on timing of website release.