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A Concept of Yoga Important To Your Practice

A Concept of Yoga Important To Your Practice.
Copyright 2017-Dr. Andrew ‘Sohamahos’ Greszczyszyn

Early in my yoga (Kriya Yoga) reading I came across the following…it seems to ring True.

Do not do asanas over the areas of meditation and pranayama…it seems that the process of meditation and pranayama do not mix with asanas.
As you know the higher idea of yoga is achieving samadhis.
Through doing samadhi through pranayama and meditation you release “energy” “consciousness” “spirit” (take your pick of definition) and through asanas you realized them.
They conflict when you do them in the immediate area…..give some space or have two or more different location (a direct place for meditation or pranayama) and a removed place for asanas.

Understanding Why To Strive For Kundalini Release

Those not privy to understand the concept will be lost in confusion. The result has been illustrated for those questioning what kundalini provides through the eManual “What Does Kundalini Release Provide” found on AMAZON-likely on sometime later today.

One does not need this manual if you already have kundalini released,  but could act as a grounding to better understand your experience and the effect it has had on you.